The African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC)

The African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) is a leading diaspora think tank in Europe devoted to stimulating informed policy dialogue and constructive debates between the diaspora and other stakeholders in the field of diaspora and development. For about a decade, ADPC has been at the forefront of generating knowledge, information and insights intimately informed by the diaspora perspectives, mindsets, experiences and expertise. The knowledge generated by the Centre is primarily targeted at three groups: diaspora organisations, development practitioners and policymakers dealing with diaspora related issues, both in host and home countries. Furthermore, ADPC has been playing a catalyst role in strengthening strategic partnership building in development, competency and professional skills development of diaspora organizations active in the field of development cooperation. ADPC has a clear comparative advantage and strategic positioning in this field as it is firmly grounded within the social setting of diaspora communities in Europe. 

The Network University

The Network University (TNU) is a Dutch foundation specialising on distance learning. Since 1999 TNU has facilitated innovative learning and capacity building for a global network of professionals, students, non-profit organizations, agencies and networks, specializing in creating e-tools for education and networking in the field of development.

TNU is a centre for collaborative learning. It offers innovative academic courses via the Internet to a worldwide audience of students and professionals. Participants with different professional backgrounds share their experiences in interactive group discussions and assignments. They become co-producers in joint knowledge networks.

TNU's activities are aimed at generating new knowledge and insights and then spreading these throughout the participating networks. These activities include the development and supervision of online courses, online debates, commissioned research, workshops combining online and face-to-face learning experiences and consultancy and strategy development on E-learning.

The Coaches

Gerd Junne held the chair in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam for 30 years. He has cooperated with the African Diaspora Policy Centre from its very start and developed training programmes for African civil servants in the ministries that are responsible for maintaining contacts with migrants and migrant organizations. He has decades of experience in off-line and online education and started to provide international distance learning programmes long before e-learning programmes became wide-spread. 

Vic Klabbers is the managing director of TNU. He has 15 years of experience with the design of international e-learning programmes, the assessment of organizational needs, setting of strategic directions, and implementing and overseeing initiatives. He is an expert in intercultural communications, knowledge management, and in the moderation of virtual communities.  

Sari Holtland Sari Holtland is new to the African Diaspora Policy Centre. She recently graduated with a bachelor in History at Utrecht University. In her bachelor she mainly focused on the field of Conflict Studies. Furthermore she was a board member of AIESEC Utrecht 2014, an international student organisation that provides young people with leadership development and cross-cultural experiences, and she was active in the working group European Affairs of the Dutch Youth Council in 2013-2014.

Beside the permanent staff, experts from a range of African countries will contribute, who have participated in earlier ADPC courses and share their experience with turning lessons learned into real life policies.