Welcome to the information and application site of the online course:
Migration and Development
Offered by the African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) and The Network University (TNU)

This site outlines the main features of the course, including:

  • The aims of the course
  • The target audience
  • Information about ADPC and TNU
  • Our didactical approach
  • The application and registration process for the course in October 2015

Migration and Development - Online Programme for Professionals

This programme supports civil servants and policy makers in Africa in developing and implementing their country’s diaspora policy. Most African governments are convinced that their citizens living abroad can make a substantial contribution to the development of their home country. The African Union recognizes the African diaspora as Africa’s “sixth region”.  This programme shows what different countries have done to harness the development potential of their diaspora. It demonstrates best practices and makes aware of pitfalls.

Course objectives

This programme aims to increase the contribution that migrants can make to the development of their countries of origin. It shows what actors in the sending countries can do to unleash the tremendous potential that migrants have to support positive change in the countries where they come from – be it via remittances, investments, tourism, technological support, international networks, or otherwise.  To harness this potential, countries have to cultivate positive relations with diaspora communities. The more they do for them, the more migrants will do for their countries.

Please be aware that the course announced on this website regards an online learning course and does not involve any travelling. However, in order to participate, you need to have regular access to the Internet.